Due to its great flexibility, business departments can use GAPTEQ both for typical and individual processes in their organization. The range of solutions runs from simple input forms to very demanding workflow applications.

„Control Sheet“ application
Every time, employees leave or get hired it takes a lot of time and resources in several departments to update personal data and handle the usage of devices like cell phones and computers inside the organization. To reduce these efforts QUNIS, a partner of GAPTEQ, created a control sheet application and related workflows based on GAPTEQ for its customer The Coatinc Company. Depending on the roles and permission a manager or other responsible person can type into the form new employee information and forward it by email for approval. If the data is approved all involved departments are automatically informed by email for execution.

Master Data Management
Thanks to database integration you can make use of the user interface of GAPTEQ in many ways to enter and manager master data. If the objective is for example to updatie product information, you can let GAPTEQ generate item lists and then choose the products from the list. Then a user can change for example the item description and store the text in multiple languages.

Time recording
There are many options to build tables and forms for time recording with GAPTEQ. Whether „classical“ time recording (employees, clock in, clock out, breaks), project time recording, which usually includes the assignment of working time to specific projects, or as part of project controlling, project billing and task analysis. End users register, enter their time in tables or forms and can look up summaries of their tasks. Selection lists and buttons help them to structure all relevant information or trigger the next step of the workflow.

Idea and complaint management
Many organisations have a so-called complaints office. To speed up complaint handling companies can create input masks with GAPTEQ that can be integrated into websites. This can be for example really helpful for municipal administration and communities which in doing so can offer standardized forms for complaints and suggestions. Administrative employees can gather all related information immediately in a complete and structured manner. Moreover, if there is an idea and complaint process implemented every new form sheet can be forwarded directly for follow-up tasks.

Holiday request
Many companies have individual processes for handling and approving holiday requests. GAPTEQ gives you the freedom to design and steer this process according to your preferences. For example, an employee can request holiday by selection lists and buttons (standard leave, maternity leave, parental leave, special leave). Typical master data displayed during the process are personnel number, family name, first name, days of holiday and the number of days taken already. Also, a person responsible for checking and approving the request can look up former holiday requests, check the data, and if in charge finally approve or decline a request.

Investment request
After finalizing successfully investment planning and budgeting cost centre managers have to request the investment. With GAPTEQ you can create the needed form and add the related approval process. During the request a cost centre manager can also apply for a budget item. Once the form is filled out completely it will be forwarded to the person in charge for approbation. Then the approved request continues its journey to the controlling department where budgets are checked and get assigned to an investment category. Finally, the request is approved for instance by management and is sent on to the procurement department. As part of the form companies can define limits for investment up to which a cost centre manager can approve a request without the need for further approval. Of course, the workflow in this latter case is different and reduced.

Recording Performance Reviews
HR managers and general managers can use entry forms built with GAPTEQ to enter their notes from performance reviews and target discussions. These forms may have free fields for notes, display goals, intermediate goals, incentive measures and deadlines as well as personal data. In addition, you can design evaluation forms where managers can prepare the discussion upfront by giving award marks or vice versa, where an employee can judge himself and write down suggestions and points of criticism before the performance review starts. Former protocols and performance reviews can be displayed as well, provided that the person has access authorisation. Moreover, all protocols should be stored and secured centrally in the HR system.

Planning and Forecasts
With GAPTEQ a business department can build solutions to enter, aggregate and display their data for monthly forecasts. Sales representatives for example can built their own simple sales planning form without „splashing“ or departments can make use of the user interface of GAPTEQ to gather allocation formulas during full cost accounting. All data is centrally stored inside the system to which the forms application is connected. There is no more need to save data to local Excel sheets!


  • Approval process for business travel
  • Gather allocation formulas
  • Control of ETL processes (control centre)
  • Gather requirements from business departments
  • Employee suggestion system
  • Display of any desired relational view (drill through, master data)
  • Gather project requirements
  • Mobile collection of customer data
  • Fill-in forms for new leads during trade shows and expositions
  • Documentin customer visits
  • Data quality management


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