Licensing GAPTEQ is easy.

We just distinguish between „named user license“ and an „unlimited license“.

A „named user license“ is an exclusive licensing of rights assigned to a single named software user on a monthly base of 5 Euros. The user will be named in the license agreement. If the number of users surpasses 400+ per server we will automatically switch to a fixed price of 2000 Euros per month, no matter how many more users there are.

The „unlimited license“ provides customers with an unlimited number of seats at a fixed price of 2000 Euros per month. But unlike the „named user license“ it is not mandatory to assign every user by his name. Therefore, there might be users using the components of GAPTEQwithout former registration.

The license agreement includes the usage of the product components GAPTEQ Designer and GAPTEQ Server:

  • The GAPTEQ Designer is a tool for creating HTML5 forms. It provides a selection menu and allows customers to modify the user interface per drag and drop according to their own requirements. The software offers an integrated user administration and a collection of form elements like form fields, tables and selection lists. The tool can be combined with several relational databases.
  • The GAPTEQ Server serves as a forms server without a separate graphical user interface. All forms are published as web pages through the „Microsoft Internet Information Services“ (IIS) using HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript. Pages can be called up by both mobile devices and web clients. User authorization is handled by the GAPTEQ Server.

per GAPTEQ Server


*Additional notes:

  • When choosing the „named user license“, every user must be registered on the GAPTEQ Server – every user thus needs his own license (named user). The „unlimited license“ leaves it up to the customer whether he wants to register every user or not.
  • Every „named user license“ will be charged starting from the month a new user has been registered and activated on the GAPTEQ Server.
  • An active user with a „named user license“ will be charged whether he uses GAPTEQ actively or not.
  • It is not permitted to share a „named user license“ between several persons.
  • If a user with a „named user license“ is deactivated or deleted the actual month will still be fully charged.
  • If a user needs access to several GAPTEQ servers, he needs a separate license for each server.
  • It is not permitted to offer services to other companies by using GAPTEQ (holiday request forms, time recording etc.).
  • Companies using the „unlimited license“ for the GAPTEQ Server to include external users outside the group organization (i.e. § 15 AktG) must contact GAPTEQ first for special agreements.


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