IT systems today usually cover most of the business processes needed every day. But still companies regularly find missing processes. If this happens, business departments try to help themselves by creating EXCEL and ACCESS based solutions, which are normally complex to maintain. Or they set up a development project to build the missing application, which over time turn out to be fairly expensive to maintain and too inflexible to be adopted to new requirements.

GAPTEQ in this respect is different. The software was developed and tested in customer projects which has resulted in a very flexible, fast and easy to install tool for designing and building forms-based applications. Moreover, they can easily be combined with workflow functionality.

In addition, unlike many other offerings GAPTEQ doesn’t come along with a proprietary database to store the forms and data. Instead a new application can be directly connected to existing relational databases in your company, thus making use of many functions you will need anyway starting with a simple „join“ function.

GAPTEQ delivers data in tables. User can search, sort or filter data in them. If required end users can get the rights to modify or create new data sets.  Instead of using a simple table customers can build their own individual forms for data collection. Typically, they will include mandatory fields, plausibility checks and error messages or buttons with parameterizable database calls. But the creation of more complex forms applications is likewise possible.

All forms are generated in HTML5 and therefore are web-enabled and suitable for mobile devices. Furthermore, together with one of the upcoming releases of GAPTEQ we will launch an additional Workflow Module.

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