The idea to develop a handy software like GAPTEQ was born, after we had experienced during many customer projects that organizations frequently had the need to meet new requirements they couldn´t cover with their existing IT systems. Then usually they fall back then on some home-grown EXCEL and ACCESS based solutions or set up a development project to build the missing application. Both frequently leads to fairly expensive maintenance costs without getting the needed flexibility for future requirements.

GAPTEQ with its first product GAPTEQ promises a quick remedy by providing a flexible and powerful tool for a reasonable price. Business departments don´t just get a very intuitive and fast means to create tables and forms but they can create business-ready applications which are integrated and embedded into existing databases and IT systems. This is an important value added compared to proprietary or home grown solutions that use only their own database.

The great response from customers confirms that GAPTEQ has chosen the right approach. In the coming months, we will drive product development and create even more interesting options for business departments. Our long-standing experience in database management and building solutions for business intelligence, our seasoned developers and selected partners will make the difference!

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